Guru Purnima – Significance of Guru Purnima, when and how it is celebrated

GuruPurnima is very important in India. In India, Guru has been compared to God. Since ancient times, Guru has been given the status of God, because, in this world, Guru only tells you the way to reach God, so Gurupurnima is the day of Guru Purnima. It is very important, on this day you can remember your teacher or your guru and you can bow to him.

That is, the Guru gives you the knowledge of Dharma, Karma, and Vidya, and the person who attains knowledge, in the presence of the Guru, he becomes the best in the future, that is, attains a high position in society.

Today, through this article, I will try to explain to you what should be the importance of Guru Purnima as well as Guru or teacher in the life of a disciple, so you read the whole article, the importance of Guru Purnima and when is it celebrated.

Shri Ram and Arjun are a symbol of how they became a great person in the company of their Guru.

The belief of Gurupurnima is also associated with Sadguru Ved Vyas ji, as we all have heard the ancient stories that how, in childhood, the King Maharaja, used to send his successors or sons to Gurukul so that they along with spirituality, social, religious, And get all kinds of knowledge from his guru, and his disciples should go ahead and do welfare of the society.

But today in society the person has stopped understanding the glory of the guru and they have no knowledge of spirituality, due to which the person is feeling lonely even after everything.

Significance of Guru Purnima and when is it celebrated

What is Guru Purnima?

In India, Guru Purnima is considered as a festival, GuruPurnima is considered as a festival, on this day people respect their guru or teacher with great pomp, but those who do not have a teacher, they worship God as their guru.

If you do not have any Guru or teacher, then on the day of Guru Purnima, make a spiritual master your Guru, take initiation from him, that is, choose your Guru for the whole life.

The one who gives you the right knowledge, guides you right, who gives you the knowledge of religion, and your life is successful, also remember that do not become a blind devotee or do blind devotion.

This day is also celebrated as the birthday of Shri Ved Vyas Ji, the author of Mahabharata and the author of the four Vedas.

When is Guru Purnima celebrated?

Guru Purnima The festival or festival of Guru Purnima is celebrated on the full moon day of the month of Ashadha.

In India, this festival is celebrated at the beginning of the rainy season.
All sages and saints consider this date as the birthday of Sadguru Ved Vyas Ji, Maharishi Ved Vyas Ji was born on the full moon day of the month of Ashadh.

You should also go to your guru on this day and respect him, and get his blessings and knowledge so that you get the right purpose in life, and you too will be successful by the grace of the guru.

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Why is Guru Purnima celebrated? popular stories

That is, Guru is Brahma, Guru is Vishnu and Guru is Lord Shiva. The Guru is the Supreme Being Himself.

I bow to such a guru. That is, in this life, the guru is the form of God, the guru is the one who tells you the way to reach God or makes you realize the supreme knowledge (God, power).

In the word guru, gu means darkness, and ru means light, that is, guru takes you from ignorance in the form of darkness to knowledge in the form of light.

In Vedas, Upanishads, and ancient stories, Guru has been described as God, so in the year of India, Guru Purnima is celebrated as a festival.

This day is celebrated as the birthday of Sadhguru Veda Vyas Ji because Maharishi Veda Vyas Ji was the author of Sri Mada Bhagavat Gita, Mahabharata, four Vedas, and eighteen Puranas and he was a great scholar of Sanskrit, Guru Guru Purnima of Sadhguru Veda Vyas Ji as the date of birth

It is said in the ancient texts, that as one worships God, one should also worship the Guru who leads to knowledge because, without the grace of the Guru, life cannot be successful.

Whom do you make your guru?

You can make any spiritual person revered, who has knowledge of religion, or who is the cause of knowledge in any way in your life, that is, you have given knowledge of religion, karma, you can make him your guru.

Remember, always and every year on the day of Guru Purnima, you should give them respect, bow to them, and remember them. Apart from this, you can also make your Ishta Dev your Guru.

In India, Datta Guru (who is the form of Lord Vishnu), Shirdi Sai Baba, Gautam Buddha, Guru Nanak Ji, Adi Shankaracharya Ji, is worshiped as God and Guru.

How is Guru Purnima celebrated?

First of all, wake up in the morning, after getting rid of all the work, and take a bath. Wear yellow or white clothes.

On the auspicious day of Gurupurnima, visit the Guru or go to the Guru.
Worship the Guru, offer tilak and garland, and touch the feet.
Offer gifts, clothes, sweets, etc. to the guru according to your reverence.
take blessings of the guru

If you cannot go to the Guru for any reason, remember him and worship his picture, touch his feet and seek blessings.

Significance of Guru Purnima

I am telling some verses below, which are telling the glory of the guru, how in the shelter of a guru, the welfare of the disciple happens, and how precious is the grace of the guru, from all these verses we can understand the importance of Guru Purnima very well. can understand and know how revered the Guru is
As Sant Kabir Ji says

गुरु गोबिंद दोऊ खड़े, का के लागूं पाय।
बलिहारी गुरु आपणे, गोबिंद दियो मिलाय।।

That is when Guru and Govind (God) stand together, whose feet will you touch? In such a situation, it is best to bow down at the feet of the guru, whose grace in the form of offerings gave me the privilege of seeing Govind i.e. God.

Tulsidas ji Shlok in Ramcharitmanas

गुरु बिनु भवनिधि तरइ न कोई।
जों बिरंचि संकर सम होई।।

In Ramcharitra Manas, Tulsi Das ji says, even if one is like Brahma, Shankar, he cannot cross the ocean of existence without a Guru.

बंदउँ गुरु पद कंज कृपा सिंधु नररूप हरि।
महामोह तम पुंज जासु बचन रबिकर निकर।।

That is, the Guru is Narayan in human form. I worship his lotus feet. Just as the darkness dissipates when the sun rises, so the darkness of attachment is dispelled by His words.

sant kabir ji says

गुरु कुम्हार शिष कुम्भ है, गढ़ि गढ़ि काढ़ै खोट।
अन्तर हाथ सहार दै, बाहर बाहै चोट।

That is, the guru is like a potter and the disciple is like a pot. Just as a potter puts his hand inside a raw pitcher, and gives him an attractive appearance while supporting him from inside, hitting him lightly, in the same way, a guru transforms his disciple into a complete personality. And creates his golden future. Is.

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Therefore, always be in the company of your Guru and respect the Guru, and worship and worship the Guru on Guru Purnima.
I hope you have liked this article of Guru Purnima, I have tried to explain to you the complete importance of Guru and Guru Purnima through this article.

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