Top 3 Elementor Extensions you must know about 1st one

Do you know about the top 3 Elementor extensions? If you don’t know, then you should know about it. Because it can give an amazing look to your website. And makes your work very easy. These extensions also provide you with a pre-built template for free. We don’t need extensions anyway. Elementor is amazing anyway, but extensions make it even more amazing. Therefore, you must know about these three extensions and do it.

Today I will tell you about three extensions that are my and everyone’s favourites. Elementskit comes first in the list of the top 3 extensions. And Essential Addons come in second. The third is ShopEngine. Although there are many Elementor extensions on the market, these three are my favorites. Let’s start with the first one.

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1. ElementsKit Elementor Extensions

ElementSkeet comes with amazing features, and it has many features that make your website very attractive. It includes the most comprehensive modules, such as Header Footer Builder, Mega Menu Builder, Layout Template Library, etc., under one hood. It has 85+ custom Elementor widgets such as an advanced accordion, pricing table, team member, testimonial, accordion, tab, countdown timer, etc. to create any site with ease. So, the WordPress page and post design are more flexible now. This is the best add-on for the Elementor page builder.

ElementsKit Elementor Extensions

What else can I say about it? This is an amazing Elementor extension, and according to me, it should be at the top of the list of Elementor extensions. Its key features are amazing; I can’t explain enough about them.

Key Features

  • Elementor Header Footer Builder
  • Elementor Widget Builder
  • Mega Menu Builder for Elementor
  • Vertical Mega Menu
  • 85+ Free and Premium Widgets
  • 45+ Pre-designed Header & Footer Templates
  • 98+ Ready Pages to build any website
  • 777+ Ready Sections to just download and use on your website.
  • WooCommerce widgets for your WooCommerce shop page.
  • Multi-Widget Area
  • Cross-Browser Compatible
  • Fully Responsive
  • Expert Support Team
  • Build with Elementor

ElementorKit Elemetor extensions WordPress Plugin page

2. Essential Addons

Essential Addons The Elementor extensions are also great plugins with which you can design an amazing website. I like two or three features of this extension very much. Like the 3rd Flip Box, Dual Color Heading, and Filterable Gallery. You will also like it. Each Elementor widget and extension comes with a bunch of options to customize your website in every possible way. You can achieve nearly any design of your imagination.

Download EA from wordpress plugin page

Key Features

  • Fancy Text
  • Creative Buttons
  • Countdown
  • Team Members
  • WooCommerce Product Grid 
  • Multi-type Form CSS
  • Info Box
  • Flip Box 
  • Dual-Color Heading
  • Call to Action
  • Pricing Table
  • Data Table 
  • Filterable Gallery 
  • Image Accordion
  • Content Ticker 
  • Tooltip
  • Advanced Tabs 
  • Advanced Accordion
  • Progress Bar
  • Feature List 
  • Sticky Video
  • BetterDocs Category Grid 
  • BetterDocs Category Box
  • BetterDocs Search Form
  • Advanced Data Table

3. ShopEngine – Elementor WooCommerce Builder extensions

As the name suggests, these Elementor extensions are designed for your shop. With these extensions, you can give an amazing look to your shop page. If WooCommerce shop is not editable, then it is very important for you to get this plugin. In this plugin, you will get prebuilt templates for Shop Page, Shop Single Page, Cart, and Checkout Page. You can utilize ShopEngine’s 70+ drag-and-drop Elementor widgets, 20+ WooCommerce builder modules, and 16+ ready-to-build templates without affecting loading speed.

ShopEngine Elementor Extensions

Key Features

  • WooCommerce Product Review Widget
  • WooCommerce Product Share Widget
  • WooCommerce Breadcrumbs Widget
  • WooCommerce Product Categories Widget
  • Related Products WooCommerce Widget
  • View Single Product WooCommerce Widget
  • WooCommerce Store Notice Widget
  • Product Cart Table Widget
  • Cart Total Widget
  • Shop Cross-Sell Widget
  • Return to WooCommerce Shop Widget
  • WooCommerce Empty Cart Message Widget
  • Archive Description: WooCommerce Widget
  • Archive Products WooCommerce Widget
  • WooCommerce Archive Result Count Widget
  • Archive View Mode WooCommerce Elementor Widget
  • WooCommerce Order By Filter Widget Product List Widget
  • Checkout Payment Widget
  • Order Review Widget
  • Checkout Form: Additional Widget
  • Checkout Form: Billing Widget

Get ShopEngine plugin

There are pro versions of all these plugins, some extras are paid, but I never needed them. If you need them, you can get them from their official website. The ranking of Elementor extensions is according to me, so do not consider it final, there are other plugins on the market that are very cool.How did you like my post? Please tell me in the comments.

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