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How to fix if the WordPress redirecting to the install page?

Hello friends, How are you today? Hope all is well. Today we going to discuss. how to fix if WordPress redirects us to the install page. This issue comes to us when we migrate WordPress redirecting or do manual copy and transfer.

Sometimes such issues and errors put us in trouble. we don’t understand what to do now. So don’t worry, I have a simple solution for this. let’s talk about it. The only reason why this issue comes up is because of the wp prefix. Question on mind what’s the wp prefix? How do know about my Websites WordPress redirecting prefix?

What is wp prefix

To know the prefix of your website, you need to check the wp-config and database of your websites. There you will find your prefix. Don’t know how to check your Websites Database and wp-config file ?

Here is solution check here how to check my Websites Database and config file.

So let’s talk about WordPress redirecting, then how to fix the install page. First of all, you have to open the database of your websites and check the tables. The table name looks like this. Example: wp36_option. In this example, wp36 is your wp prefix. Now clear? What is the Wp prefix? and how to know the Wp prefix of WordPress redirecting?

How to fix WordPress redirecting to installation page?

Now you have to check your config file and find Wp_prefix. Edit it and rename as per your Database prefix and save it. By doing just this, your redirect then installs problem will be solved.

So don’t understand what to do right? Let me add some snapshots for you, this will help you understand. Experts must have understood easily that if the beginners do not understand, then there are some steps for you. If you follow these steps then you will easily understand what to do.

Step 1

Find your website’s WP config file and check what is WP prefix is.

cPanel >> File manager >> public_html >> wp_cpnfig.php and You will understand by looking at the snapshot given below.

Step 2

Check your database table prefix. You will understand how to do that by looking at the snapshot given below. copy your database table prefix and past it to the wp_config file. your job is done

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