Set payment method WooCommerce programmatically

Many people feel that payment integration on Woocommerce WordPress websites is very difficult. But nothing like this, payment integration is very easy in Woocommerce. So let’s talk today about how to integrate a payment gateway on a WordPress website.

integrate a payment gateway on a WordPress website

Gateway companies provide plugins for payment gateway integration. All we have to do is install and set up their plugins. And it is very easy, it hardly takes 5 minutes. So let’s start. First of all, download and install the plugin for your payment gateway or your client’s payment gateway.

After installing the plugin, you go to the settings of Woocommerce and you have to go to the payment setting. In the payment setting, you will see the name of your payment gateway, by doing that you have to go to manage. You have to put two things in Manage API Key and Secret Key. Both of these will give you your payment gateway, just copy-paste it.

There will be two options in Manage Test Mode and Live Mode. You can check if the payment setup is cashed from the first test mode by buying a product. Domi ATM details for test mode will also be given to you by your payment gateway, through which your testing will be done.

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In the payment setting, you can also do the option of cash delivery for your store. You must not have understood well in the post. Because everyone is too lazy to read. So let me create the revision for you with snapshots.

STAPES For revisions payment gateway setup

  1. Payment gateway plugin installation ( Plugin provided by payment gateway )
  2. After installation go to > Woocommerce > settiing > payment
  3. On your Payment gateway
  4. Go to manage payment gateway
  5. Add API kay And Secret key
  6. Test first test mode then go to live mode
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Now you must have understood very well how to do payment integration and how to test it. So let’s end the post on this, but if you still do not understand and have low doubt then you can ask me. and I will definitely help you.

Thank you for giving us your valuable time.

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