How to create an eCommerce website on WordPress?

Creating an eCommerce website on WordPress is very easy and it is fun if you build it on Elementor and Astra themes. Because WordPress would be a little slow, the fetish theme is very light and Beautiful. So let me tell you today how to make an eCommerce site on WordPress.

Basic requirements for making eCommerce website on WordPress

Two basic things are hotly needed to build an eCommerce website on WordPress. One domain name and the other hosting. You have both these things, you do not have to do much, just install WordPress and put the theme.

You must have been able to install WordPress, right? And if it does not come, then it does not matter, I will tell you how to install it. Installing WordPress is very easy. Go to your cPanel, you will see the icon of WordPress at the bottom, just click on it and follow the steps. Just assume you have WordPress installed.

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After that login to the WordPress dashboard and install the Astra theme. To install the Astra theme, in the sidebar of the dashboard, you will see the option by doing appearance. then click on it go to add a new then search Astra theme and install it.

Don’t understand what guys? I think you will understand from the snapshot. So let me put a snake shot for you. With this, you will understand easily.

Download directly Astra theme from here

How to install astra theme
How to install astra theme in wordpress

Now you must have understood how to do it. After doing this you have to follow some steps for demo import. After integration, go to the weapon option, you will see the option of Activate Importer Plugin. After this, just by following a few steps, you can install the free demo.

Complete setup will be found in the demo, all you have to do is upload the product and integrate the payment gateway. And you can also use cash on delivery. How to do product add, how to customize. For this, I will write another post for you OK in detail.

If you have any doubt then you can ask me, I will definitely help you.

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