How to make a business website?

Creating a small business website has become very easy nowadays and nowadays the business website is ready in a few hours. Those who know everything is done by them, then making a website seems very easy. But those who do not know anything find this a very difficult task. So there is nothing to worry about, there is no rocket scene in building a website. I would also have a very difficult task, it seemed at first.

If you read this post of mine, then I guarantee that you will easily create your business website. You will not need to pay thousands of rupees to a developer like me. You can make your website. In today’s digital world, everyone needs a website. A business website is very beneficial even for a small business site. so let’s start.

A few steps are very important to make a business website. Like domain name and hosting. You can buy a hosting domain from one place or you can also buy from different places. If you buy from one place, it will also be cheaper and there will be no need for updates, etc. If you are a beginner then buy both from one place.

where to buy a domain hosting website for business?

You can buy hosting and domain from Hostinger. Hostinger is also cheap and if you take one year of hosting then you will get the domain for free. It is not necessary that you can take it from Hostinger only, you can take it from anywhere where you feel right. But don’t take it from Goddady. Why don’t you ask?

Some plans are shared hosting as shown in the snapshot below. You can buy this plan from Hostinger.

Check Hosting and Domain Plans From Hostinger

How to make website

After purchasing this, all you need to do is install WordPress. After installing WordPress, add the theme according to your need. If you want to create an online store, then you read this post of mine, you will easily create your own store.

Click here to check how to make an online store and website using WordPress

As I have mentioned in the above post for the store, you can also do a simple website for business. If you don’t understand anything, you can feel free to ask me. I will help you.

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