How to customize Woocommerce checkout fields?

WooCommerce checkout shipping feeds sometimes need to be customized. And to customize it, we would have needed a plugin. Why do you need a plugin? So let me tell you because WooCommerce pages are not accessible. So today we talk about one such plugin. With this plugin, you can easily customize the WooCommerce shipping fields.

The name of this plugin is Checkout Field Editor (Checkout Manager) for WooCommerce. So you can download this Palligin for free. So what are you waiting for? Quickly download and install this plugin and this plugin is available on the official website of WordPress. Let me give you the link to the download page.

Download WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor

So let’s talk about this plugin in detail and the know-how to customize the fields. I will tell you some easy steps so that you will understand easily.

How to customize WooCommerce Shipping Fields

  1. Download and install plugin
  2. WooCommerce >> Checkout Form
  3. Add field, Remove and Edit
  4. Change possition
  5. Save Changes

Don’t understand why? If you do not understand, then let me add the information for you, from this you will easily understand how to customize.

How to customize checkout fields

On clicking edit, a popup window will open as shown in the snapshot below. You can edit that pay according to your own. If you want to require the field, you can do it and if you want to hide it then you can also do it. Can also rename.

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WooCommerce checkout form editing

If you want to do two fields in one line, then you can also do it. All you have to do is change the class of the field. So I will tell you how to do it and which class to put. In the above snapshot, you can see a box of classes. So in that box, you have to put class, in the box you want to put first, you put “form-row-first” class and in the second you want to put “form-row-last” class.

So you must have understood how to do it? And if you still don’t understand then nothing can happen to you lol. just kidding you can ask me your doubt I will defiantly help you don’t worry.

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