Understand what depression is from the point of view of spirituality and how to avoid it.

In today’s time, every person is going through stress or mental stress and when stress gets attached to emotion or feelings then this stress causes depression. Gives birth to diseases, however, in today’s article, I will talk about mental stress or diseases and their effective remedies from the point of view of spirituality. How you can avoid stress or mental stress or depression

1.What is Mental Depression or Depression?

Friends, our brain works for 24 hours, we understand that when we sleep at night, our whole body is resting, but for your information, let me tell you that even when we are sleeping, our brain is working. The thing to note is that we also need to give rest to our brains.
But instead of giving rest, when we start giving more worry to our brain, apart from work, worry can be of any type like worry about family, worry about health, worry about a job, a worry that affects you from inside. does

Any kind of jealousy, any kind of malice, and any kind of attachment, when it affects you completely from within, then you are a victim of mental disorders.

When your stress gets attached to your emotion, then you get surrounded by depression or mental depression, and then apart from your brain, your body is also affected. What is depression, understand it well.

By understanding spirituality, we can avoid our mental stress or mental diseases.

How does depression occur?

Let’s understand this with some examples

Example No.1

Suppose you have a member of your own family with whom you are very attached or whom you give a lot of respect, and whom you consider to be yours, and for some reason, you are removed from him or he gets away from you due to some reason.

So, this will first cause anxiety or stress in your mind and when this stress is connected with emotion, that is, when you want to reconnect with that family member and due to some reason you could not connect, then the person becomes emotional in stress and becomes a victim of depression. It happens

Example No. 2

For example, when someone your own or a stranger whom you trust a lot or whom you consider to be yours, suddenly changes or suddenly his behavior becomes negative towards you, or who lives with you.

He ignores you while being with you, and gives importance to someone else than you. Then you are not able to bear it and you are stressed first and then when that person or people ignore you more then you are not able to bear it anymore.

And you start thinking these things emotionally and because of thinking emotionally again and again you become a victim of depression.

Example No.3

Sometimes you become very successful and then you start getting scared of failure or if you fail you are unable to bear the failure and start thinking deeply emotionally, due to repeated thinking, stress or mental depression starts.

Example No.4

Sometimes the tendency to take revenge dominates you in such a way that you think of taking revenge on the person with whom you have a problem, again and again in your mind, and when you are unable to take revenge, then you from this point. Being upset goes to stress

Example No.5

If you have such a nature that you feel very bad about someone’s talk, you think deeply about someone’s talk, you are not able to tolerate someone’s talk, you have problems very quickly with others’ progress, you bother

With your heart, you want to connect with someone, but with your mind, you stay away from them, you are afraid of failure.

Example No.6

Due to your stubborn nature, when the work is not according to your mind. Don’t be what you think.
According to you, or no one will go according to you.

If you have problems with all these things yourself or you get upset, you are not able to put your mind or brain in another place, then you may have stress or mental depression.

Example 7

Sometimes they also take stress about their illness and remain emotionally sad due to being away from family and home and also due to fear of being away from family, again and again, they are victims of depression.

Example 8

When a person makes an expectation from someone that he should behave well or he will do as I am thinking of when a particular person does not help on time, then the person becomes heartbroken by this and thinks again and again sad. Due to this reason also they person goes through mental stress many times.

What is the cause of mental disorders?

take more stress

To be more attached to any person or thing. Think deeply about anything that made you feel bad.
To be sad by remembering the past again and again. To depend on someone more than necessary.
Not getting anyone’s help on time.

Feeling sad and thinking deeply about the loss of a very close friend or family member.
Feeling sad when a love relationship breaks up. to grieve at someone’s deception

Fear of failure or being more unhappy about the failure.
Keep things in your mind and be sad.

Keep small things in mind, and be sad about them.
To be jealous of someone or to be unhappy with someone’s progress.
To be sad to cry remembering an accident.
Stubborn nature or sensitive nature can also be the reason for this.

According to you, being sad is when someone does not treat you properly or ends a relationship or friendship.

According to spirituality, attachment, illusion, jealousy, greed, and anger are more likely to cause mental stress or mental depression.

What are its symptoms?

What is depression, let’s know its symptoms

  1. temper tantrums.
  2. get angry quickly
  3. Do not feel like drinking food
  4. Likes to be alone
  5. Crying remembering things alone
  6. Not sleeping properly at night
  7. hear someone’s voice
  8. seeing everything negative
  9. negative thoughts
  10. Not wanting to talk to anyone
  11. There may be symptoms like feelings of the mind, and pain in the body or in the joints, or in the head.

5. What are the measures at the spiritual level?

It is very important to know what are the symptoms of depression before taking any measures.


First of all, the person who is suffering from mental illness, what is he sad about or what is bothering him, try to know.

Don’t leave that person alone. Be with him and give that courage. And discuss with them on some other subject, try to focus their mind on other subjects.
Keep them away from any kind of negative thoughts and talk to them positively, give them positive direction.

First of all, the person who is suffering from mental illness, what is he sad about or what is bothering him, try to know.

Don’t leave that person alone. Be with him and give that courage. And discuss with them on some other subject, try to focus their mind on other subjects.
Keep them away from any kind of negative thoughts and talk to them positively, give them positive direction.

understand the reality

If any person with whom you have an attachment or someone of your own, if he left you and left this world, then accept the truth of this life and start life anew in life. Because life and death are a cycle

The one who has taken birth is sure to die as long as his life is, and this is the only truth, then on the death of someone, understand this and move forward in life.

don’t be too attached to someone

If someone of your own or a stranger whose behavior or ignoring you is sad for you or you feel that they are thinking negatively about you, try to improve your relationship in such a situation.

If you are not improving, you should also consider this situation as the truth of life. No one had brought anything, nor would anyone take anything. The person came alone and will go alone.

Then what kind of attachment to any person, thing, and idea, what is hatred, and what is jealousy?
Put your mind to positive work, and do the work you are doing with full devotion.
Have faith in God. Worship God. Leave the person to his deeds and always think positively.
Always stay away from negative people and negative thinking people. Because of this negative energy spreads all around you and makes you think negatively, so stay away from such people.

don’t be afraid of failure

As failure and success are two sides of a coin, success takes you to your goal, and failure shows you the way to new goals, so don’t be sad if you fail and make new goals in life. So don’t consider failure as bad in life.

Take Reiki energy, Reiki energy brings great relief to mental disorders and emotional disorders. Generally, Reiki energy makes you positive. clears your blockage

Balance the body’s chakra Balance the uncontrolled energy of the body’s chakra
With energy healing, you can get out of mental illnesses soon.

Take refuge in your spiritual master. Take guidance from them, and tell them about your mental state.
Take the advice on mental condition from the doctor also, do yoga and meditation

Bring a change in your nature, know yourself, pay attention to your actions, and understand your actions also. Read spiritual or positive books, and roam around for a few days.
Understand the reality or reality of life.

You yourself are good and if someone else is not of good personality according to you then don’t get upset and leave the position on time. Understand spirituality

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