Numerology 2021

Numerology Reading for 2021| Annual Numerology predictions 2021 by Ashhvika Maalviya

Say TATA to Last Year & welcome to new year 2021, how would be this year 2021 as per numerology readings?? Question raising in everybody mind. Numerology prediction 2021

Hi i am Ashhvika Maalviya, AstroNumerologist trying to solve your query regarding year 2021 as per Numerology.

Numerology 2021
Numerology 2021 predictions

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Now lets come to the point about year 2021. if we add this year like 2+0+2+1=5 . so after adding 2021 we got the number 5, number 5 is ruled by planet mercury.

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Mercury represent, changes often, so you can see lots of changes in your life & in your surroundings, or globally. This year defiantly give you something new as its shows change, may be new house, car, job, business, relationship etc.

Hence if you looking to buy new home, want to marry or new partner, want to change job, want to start new business, you can start.

Moreover , this year also represent speed, so you can also see something related to speed like network , internet speed, vehicle speed, trains activity.

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Mercury also represent communication & travel industries , you can see boom in these industries media, travel, communication skills, most of people would like to improve communication skills. you can also see lots of countries solve their problem by communication.

Social media can also be boom this year, as marketplace most of the people use social media for their business or career.

As mercury also represent diplomacy, so in politics lots of issue solve by diplomacy. Because people who born on date 5, virgo or Gemini they often change their view as per their comfort. They having power of convince, so if you born on 5, this year may be wonderful for you.

Mercury represent the colour green, ash colour, grey colour , so you can see these metal like silver steel can do well this year.

Education industries, can also be improve this year, will launch lots of new courses, to improve the skills.

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This year also represent investment, so you can see lots of investment would be in this year in any field. you can see stock market on high place. but can also go at lowest point, so invest at own risk.

However number 5 is compatible with most of the other numbers, except number 2 or 7 . So this year you have chance to grow more. Lets see the numbers.

Number 1- 2021 is good for you. Complete your task, improve the skills. May new changes comes in your life.

Number 2- 2021 may not good as for others number. so do not disappoint, make goal, do planning, do improvement.

Number 3- 2021 start your business deals, plan this year for better next year.

Number-4 2021 this year would be better then last year, so do planning for future & and work for it.

Number 6- This year is good for new beginnings, personally & professionally.

Number 7- 2021 Do meditation & Yoga for good in your life.

Number 8- defiantly good for you. business can be flourish, relationship can also be improve.

Number 9 – slightly good, but work positively, good luck will come soon.

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