Numerology Number 9

If your date birth is 9 then Numerology Number 9 ruled by planet mars, mars is the fiery planet, highly energetic planet, from our ancient books be known that mars having fighting energy.

So people who born on date 9, 18, or 27 of any month or their full date birth total is 9 , so they ruled by planets mars. If you are Aries or scorpion then also you ruled by planet mars.

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You can see yourself highly energetic, people belongs to this number having fighting energy, often they ready to fight, or they involved in the fighting very easily.

Most of athlete belongs to this number or sports person belongs to this number due to their fighting energy. So they can use their physical energy in the sports.

People belongs to this number, get angry soon, or quarrel even in little things, they should avoid to keep arm with them, as they can harm their self or others due to their anger.

Moreover you can see number 9 people, in army, or on higher post, commander of the army. You can also see them on higher post in police department. Number 9 people more patriotic, they ready to help their people & their country & ready to fight for them.

Hence, People who belongs to number 9, they should do physical exercise, or should play any sports in daily life to utilize their energy, otherwise, they may upset their self-due to their anger.

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People usually belongs to this number are foody, they love variety of food, often consume lots of things at one time, so people belongs to this number should take care of their diet, eat healthy diet, with divided meal.

People belongs to number 9, having more relationship, or they get tired easily with one relationship or may be due their anger they lose their relationship as Akshay kumar & Salman khan both of them belongs to this number. Both them having more than 2 or 3 relationship.

People belongs to number 9 can do wonder, in mechanical things, heavy machine, factory, food, blood, fire related things as profession.

Number 9 people often face blood related problem, high bp, cardiac arrest, because this number represent blood.

Number 9, represent transformational energy, so people who belongs to this number surly grow in their life, but they have to work for it.

You can see Akshay kumar, is number 9 person, started marshal art, & their movies also belongs to action seen, due to which he grows in his life. But he also work hard for it. Salman Khan also belongs to this number and he is also doing very hard exercise, fighting sheens in his movie. So if you are number 9 you also start doing exercise or start any sports so that you can grow easily.

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Number 9 belongs to god, if you will connect yourself by doing charity work, any NGO, helping others, any spiritual work, you will grow soon.

If your number is 9  then all things which I said above will definatly  work for you, but if you born on 18, it not good number in number 9 series. If you are number 27 you should do yoga & meditation, and should do spiritual deeds.

 If you not getting success & fulfilment in your life you can take consultation to your nearest good numerologist.

Lucky Colour- Yellow, Red, gold, blue

Lucky Metal- Gold, Copper

Lucky Stone- Red Jesper, Moonga, coral

Lucky Direction-   South

Element- Fire

Lucky Dates – 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 9 of any month

Lucky Month-   January, February, march, may, June, September, October, December

Lucky Years of your Age-   After 33 years old you may grow.

Lucky Career –   Business, Politics, industries, mines, Real-estate, Land property, Heavy things or machines etc.

Health-   Blood related problem.

Compatible Numbers- 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 9

Thank You.

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