Numerology Number 8

if you are born on dates 8, 17, or 26 of any month or your date of birth total is 8 then you are ruled by Saturn or You have the Number 8 as your destiny number. Saturn is the lord of karma. This number shows karma. You will rise or fall in your life as per your karma.

The physique of these people, usually they are long, broad shoulder, dusky looks or dark looks, as Saturn is the son of chaya so, his eyes were also dark.

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Often you will find these people or people ruled by Numerology number 8, hardworking, dedicated, Ambitious, strong willpower, Great imagination power, manifesto, Highly spiritual, worldly, charitable, want to work of lower class people, Emotional, Goal oriented.

People who are ruled by the number 8, Capricorn or Aquarius, usually faced lots of difficulties in life, face many obstacles in their life either professionally or personally.

Some of them are usually ill or visit the hospital regularly due to their past karma effect.

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But if Saturn gives struggle & difficulties it also gives raj yoga in the later part of life. Due to their strong willpower & hard work, people who belong to this number may rise in their later part of life.

Their work is usually delayed, as compared to other numbers.

As they are highly patient & having strong willpower, you can see them on the higher posts, they are not scared the failure, instead of they are willing to work harder to achieve their goal.

You can find them, either they may open Big industries, they may be innovators, businessmen or Entrepreneurs.

They usually like to work in isolation, prefer isolation, or can work more efficiently in isolation.

You can also see these people in politics on the higher posts. As if the number 8 not having good harmony with your other numbers, it may give you delays, difficulties, or illness in your life. You may face sudden loss and debt. Delayed in marriage often faced by this number

Most illegal activities, unfortunate incidents, clashes, and Quarrels happened on these dates. So you should avoid these dates.

Avoid black, red & dark colors, visit Hanuman Temple on Saturday, donate black things to the needy on Saturday, and help the needy people.

Lucky Colour- Yellow, light Blue, royal blue, silver, Grey.

Lucky Metal- Silver

Lucky Stone- Lapiz Lazuli, Blue sapphire.

Lucky Direction-   West,   Northwest

Element- Earth

Lucky Dates – 1,3,5,6, 8 of any month

Lucky Month-   January, February, March, May, June, October  

Lucky Years of your Age-   After 35 years old you may grow.

Lucky Career –   Business, Politics, industries, mines, Real-estate, Agriculture, etc.

Health-   knee problem, arthritis, problem in the lower part of the body, gas

Compatible Numbers- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8

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