Numerology Number 7

Numerology Number 7 | Mulank 7 or Life path Number 7

Numerology Number 7 people born on 7, 16, 25 of any months, or their full date birth number total is 7, planet which govern to this number is neptune or ketu.

In Hindu religion we heard ketu is, without headed planet.

People belongs to this number, would like to remain silent or quite mostly. Or can say reserved personality. They hide their feelings.

They like to sit on the silent place, they want their surrounding quite & calm.

This number shown spiritual things & occult science, most of the people of this number like occult science, space science, astrology etc. they have deeper interest to do research on that.

You can find lots of spiritual person, baba, guru, tantric belongs to this number, as this number shown mastery in spiritual things.

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You can also, see lots of sports personalities belongs to this number due to higher spiritual plane, higher energy of this number or blessings universal energy.

People belongs to this number also having interest in creativity, art, fine art, theatre, films, due to creative nature of this number.

This, number want hard practice of yoga, meditation, physical exercise, to maintain its basic energy. If you belongs to this number you should do yoga, meditation practice on daily basis for assure success in your life.

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Most of people of this number goes in depression, due emotional being, as Neptune connected from higher & heart chakra , which shown emotional energy, special connection. They should keep their self busy in present work, should be positive for future.

Number 7, people having strong intuition power, as I said above, that this planet shown connection with higher chakras, by this they can understand others very easily. Even they can predict future events by their intuitional power.

Moreover, they should also avoid any kind of addiction, scandals illegal activities, people of this number mostly got addicted because of stress, anxiety & restlessness.

Hence due to restlessness, they want peaceful place, so they love nature, natural beauty. Therefor they love to travel on these places, natural beauty, mountains etc. you can see lots of spiritual person goes on Himalaya for meditation or spiritual connection with the universe.

People who belongs to this number are deep thinker, having creative skill, which can make them great, in writing, publication, mass communication.

You can, find them helpful, somehow they help the world with their knowledge or wisdom like gurus & astrologers or by social service.

They are keen lovers of pets, especially dogs, if you belongs to Numerology number 7 you should feed the dog on Wednesday or Monday.

You should also visit temple or prayer place, spiritual place, once in week, for peace of mind, success & guidance.

People Born on these dates:-

Mahendra Singh Dhoni – 7th July

Irrfan khan- 7 January

Shahid kapoor- 25 February

Ekta Kapoor- 7 June

Jeetendra- 7 April

Lucky Colour- Light Colours, light Blue, light green, Light yellow, white, Beige, cream colour.

Lucky Metal- Silver

Lucky Stone- Cats eye

Lucky Direction- North East, west.  

Element- water.

Lucky Day- Sunday, Monday.

Lucky Dates – 7, 16, 25 of any month.

Lucky Month- February July.  

Lucky Years of your Age- 25, 34, 43, 52, 61

Lucky Career – Creativity, Design, Traveling, film industry, clothes, Sports trading, publishing, writing, fine art, finance.

Health- Mental health issue, heart issue due to emotional blockage.

Compatible Numbers- 1, 2,3, 4, 5, 6, 7,

Numerology Number 7

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