Numerology Number 6

People born on dates 6, 15, 24 of any month, or their full date of the birth total comes 6, Libra & Taurus belongs to Numerology number 6. The ruling planet of this number is Venus.

Venus is the planet of, beauty, relations, luxury, wealth, health, and prosperity.

People who are born on these dates can attract easily, luxury, or they want to live their life lavishly. They love to travel to see beauty all over the world.

They possess good looks or features, and charming personalities so they can attract, others easily. They may be very romantic or like romance or can flirt with others.

You may find these people nurturing, caring, and supportive anytime. This number is a kind of rejuvenating, healing number, that can make you famous and popular worldwide or in your surrounding.

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Most people belong to this number, like a variety of clothes, accessories, jewelry, and makeup that represent Venus.

They mostly like the variety of food, of love to eat.

People of this number, easily attract partners or the opposite gender & can have affairs with others easily.

Whenever you will see them, you will find them healthy as they represent healing.

They easily attract wealth, with fewer efforts either from ancestors or from their partners.

They may also indulge in some illegal activities to earn wealth, fame & power, because they do not pacify easily, with what they already have, therefore this number should avoid any illegal activities which, further can be a problem for them.

Sometimes you can find these people arrogant, because of wealth.

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People of this number should also avoid, alcohol, drugs, and junk food as they easily attract to these things. They should follow a good diet.

Number 6 people like, to decorate their homes, and spend their money on extravagance, so they should also plan to save their money for the future.

People of this number should avoid bad company, otherwise, they will be in problem. Sometimes you may be greedy about things or may help others when you find something in return only.

People Born on these dates:-

Madhuri Dikshit- 15 May

Sachin Tendulkar – 24 April

Ranveer Singh-6- July

Alia Bhatt- 15 march

Shahrukh Khan (Name Number 6)

Lucky Colour- Light Blue, royal blue, white

Lucky Metal- Silver

Lucky Stone- Diamond, opal, white sapphire

Lucky Direction- North West, North  

Element- Earth

Lucky Day- Friday

Lucky Dates – 6, 15, 24 of any month

Lucky Month- Jan June, October

Lucky Years of your Age- 24, 33, 42, 51, 60

Lucky Career – Creativity, design, film industry, clothes, vehicle, food Industries, Jewellery. traveling, sports.

Health- Arthritis, Digestive issues, Blood pressure, heart diseases  

Compatible Numbers- 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

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