Numerology Number 4

Numerology Number 4 represents planet (Uranus) Rahu.

People born on 4, 13, 22, or 31 of any month or Leo sign, have the effect of Rahu or can say the ruling planet of these dates is Rahu (Uranus).

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If we talk about Rahu as a mysterious planet, people who belong to this number go so high with sudden changes, or can so very low with sudden effects.

Rahu is the shadow planet, which means it doesn’t have its own structure, as per spiritual books Rahu showed the head area.

So people belong to this number, think from their minds. You would find these people very intelligent.

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Number 4 people always keep a practical approach in their life. They think practically mostly. They do not think emotionally. They are silent emotional & kind of heart.

Because of this practical approach in their life, their personal relations are not very good. Therefore they should be careful about their relations & try to make harmonious relations with others.

often, People who belong to number 4, love to do their work or can say they are workaholic or hard working.

However, People who belong to this number can go deepen in any subject or thoughts, so lots of scientist or researcher belongs to this number.

Many innovator or pioneer belongs to this number as they deepen their interest in any subject, practical approach, hardworking nature, and Intelligence.

Number 4 people, love to eat food, or foody in nature, as this planet rule over the intestine.

This number can bring, revolution, reforms, and new laws in the society or globally for change.

Rahu also represents, poison, and mysterious things in 2020 we saw a virus (coronavirus) is mysterious virus and spread ed worldwide mysteriously and its effect is global. This number also represents global events.

Rahu also represents politics, you can find various people of this number in politics, and activity of politics in this period very much.

You can find these people, put independent thought, or speak independently because they have their own ideas. They analyze things before action.

People who are born on these dates have bitter speech or can say harsh speech, as they do not fear to speak what they feel. So sometimes people do not like their speech.

Moreover Health point of view, Rahu rule over the intestine, bone, gastric issues, & fat. therefore They should eat healthy food, fruits & green vegetable should avoid junk food strictly for good health.

Hence people who belong to this number should do physical exercise, yoga, and meditation. Meditation relaxes their mind & body for better decisions and calmness in their life. They Should do spiritual practice to be successful in life.

The mental health of these people can also be affected, so they should do yoga & meditation, and keep their surroundings calm & peaceful. They should avoid any mental stress, otherwise, they will go into depression easily.

Numerology Number 4 people should avoid anything illegal things, such as gambling, alcohol, share market, and speculation to avoid losses.

They should be disciplined and should plan their every event and single day to be successful in their life.

People born on these dates:-

Bill Gates – 28 October 1955 ( 1/4 )

Preity Zinta -31 January

Lucky Colour- Yellow, Light Blue

Lucky Metal- GOLD

Lucky Stone- Amethyst, hessonite

Lucky Direction- East  

Element- Earth

Lucky Dates – 1, 10, 19 & 28 of any month

Lucky Month- Jan, August, April

Lucky Years of your Age- 28, 37, 40, 46, 55, 64,

Lucky Career – Finance, leadership, politics, Business, Public influencer, writer, publisher, art, creativity, contract, commission job, printing, heavy machine, factory

Health- Digestion problem, Intestine, Bone,   

Compatible Numbers- 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

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