Numerology Number 1

Numerology Number 1/ If you are born on date 1, 10 , 19 or 28 of any month, Life Path 1

Numerology Number 1 means if you are born on date of, any month 1, 1o,19 or 28 or your full date of birth total is 1 , for instance your full date of birth is 24-9-2020 and if we add this date of birth 2+4+9+2+0+2+0= 19=1+9= 10=1+0=1. We have to add till we get single digit. So here we getting number 1 as single digit. Its mean you belongs or you are under the effect of number 1.

Planet which rule the number 1, is a Sun, so people who born on these dates or their full date of birth total is 1, they would be under the effect of the planet sun.

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People who born on these dates, are very energetic, beautiful, intelligent, born as leader, creative, successful.

They lead their life as leader, like sun is the ruling planet amongst the planet. Usually you can find them, almost top most position in any industries.

Moreover Numerology Number 1or Life path 1 got favour from the government, they can either in the government job or can be politician.

They are risk taker, decision maker, confident, Ambitious, Independent, leadership quality makes them Good in business or top position in any field.

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As they born as leader and independent in nature, their married life or family life is not smooth as they are too busy in their work or profession. Like sun fire its self to the gives light others.

If your Name Number is not lucky, it may be possible, you not getting the full favour of your numbers. It is important to keep your name number lucky and this name number should be harmonious with your full date of birth .

Celebrities and Successful Business man, Politician born on these dates-

Mukesh Ambani-      19 0ct

Ratan Tata-                28 Dec 1937

Bill Gates-                   28 october 1955 

Aishwarya Rai-          1 Nov

Raj Nath Singh-          10 July

Rahul Gandhi-            19 June

Akhilesh Yadav-          1 july

Lucky Colour- Yellow, light Blue, orange, Red , Golden are the favarable colours

Lucky Metal- GOLD, COPPER

Lucky Stone- Rubby, Sun Stone , moon stone, Emerald.

Lucky Direction- East, south east

Element- Fire, wood

Lucky Dates – 1, 10, 19 & 28 of any month

Lucky Month- January, October, August

Lucky Years of your Age- 19, 28, 37, 46, 55, 64

Lucky Career – Fianance, leadership, politics, Business, government job etc

Health- Eye problem, blood pressure

Compatible Numbers- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9

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