How to fast on Monday in the month of Sawan to make happy Mahadev

After the full moon of the month of Ashadha, the month of Sawan begins in the rainy season. With full devotion, worship, and devotion to Mahadev, the Monday of Sawan has special significance in the month of Sawan. Let us know how to do, worship, and worship Shiva on Monday of Sawan.

What is the month of Sawan and when does it come

According to the Hindu calendar, the month of Sawan starts in the rainy season after the month of Ashadh, however, this time this month of May 2020, this month of Sawan is starting on 6th July 2020 and ending on 3rd August.
Although Shiva is worshiped throughout the month, on Mondays of Sawan, special worship is offered to Shiva. Monday is the day of Mahadev Ji, so its importance increases in Sawan.

When is Sawan Monday?

The first Monday of Sawan is 18 July, the second 25, July third, 1 Aug, However, the last Monday of Sawan this time 8 August is on the full moon of Shravan month on Rakshabandhan, so last Monday is on the day of Rakshabandhan.
Shivaji (to please Mahadev), the devotees observe the whole month of Sawan or only on the Monday of Sawan.

How to worship Mahadev on Monday of Sawan

So first of all you wake up early in the morning and clean and collect the worship material, normally you can do the worship at home itself.

worship material

Material – Collect white flowers, vine leaves, white sandalwood, molly, milk, curd, ghee, honey, sugar, Ganga water, incense, perfume, water, naived, fruit, white sweet, etc.

Vidhi – Abhishek of Shivling on Monday in the month of Sawan

First of all worship Ganpati ji, Nadi, and Maa Parvati, then worship and do Abhishek of Shiva Linga.

Clean the temple while chanting Om Namah Shivaya, after that offer water on the Shiva Linga slowly with a torrent.. then you can do Abhishek.
1) Mix water and Ganga water, offer water to Shivling and keep chanting Namah Shivaye.
2) Offer Ganges water, mixed water, milk, curd, ghee, honey, and sugar, one by one, anoint Shiva Linga,

Then offer Ganga water or pure water on the Shiva linga, then apply sandalwood paste on the Shiva linga, make three eyes and write ‘Om’, offer perfume, flowers, bell leaves, etc. on the Shiva linga, offer fruits, burn incense, lamp, etc. Do the aarti of Shiva.

Shiva loves the flowers of Bel Patri, Akua, and Datura, you can also offer this on Shiva Linga.
One can recite Shiva Source, Shiva Chalisa, Shivashtakam

simple water consecration

If you do not have the worship material, then you can perform Jalabhishek of Shiva Linga with only Ganga water mixed with water or only pure water and do aarti by lighting a lamp and chanting Om Namah Shivaye.

how to fast on Monday of Sawan

The fasting on Monday of Sawan is very easy, in the morning: get up, take bath, and do Shiva worship. After this, you have to keep fast for the whole day, after worship in the evening, you can eat some fruits.

what to eat in brat

You can have fruit once a day, although in this fast you do not eat salt and food, you spend the whole day with fruit, that means you can eat fruits, milk, sweets, etc.
After the evening worship, if you cannot live without salt, then in the evening, you can eat sago khichdi, buckwheat flour poori, sam rice, and potatoes with rock salt, but keep in mind that only one piece of rock salt can be consumed. Use it once.

The month of Sawan is very important in the Hindu religion.

The month of Sawan is a very windy month, this month has special significance, because many festivals come in this month like Hariyali Teej, Nagpanchami, and Rakshabandhan. Apart from this, the month of Sawan comes in the rainy season, due to which there is greenery all around.

That is why this month the festival of Hariyali Teej also comes, in the month of Sawan people put swings in their homes, and people enjoy swinging, women especially, Mehandi is applied in their hands.

In this way, many types of dishes are prepared in people’s homes during this month, apart from this, Laddu Gopal Ji is also made to swing in swing in the month of Sawan, so the month of Sawan is very important in the Hindu religion.

ॐ नमः शिवाय

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