10 easy ways to eliminate negative energy from home

Friends, Negative energy can be generated anywhere, it depends on whether that negative energy is already negative energy or has just been generated, today we will know. How to remove negative energy.

Like friends, we stay out all day and meet many people, thus when we come in contact with a negative person, that is, when we are affected by a negative person or his negative thinking, then this negative energy starts affecting us. Is

Apart from this, negative energy also arises from thinking negatively about yourself, the more you think negatively, the more the effect of this negative energy starts increasing on you, and then this energy starts harming you, and you get failure again and again in life and fight in the house. Having quarrels, being sick, and having a home conflict all are effects of negative energy, so today we will know how to remove negative energy from your house to keep your house pure.

1. Home door solutions for removing negative energy.

If the main door of the house is facing south, then the photo of Panch Mukhi Hanuman ji should be placed above the main door, and a lamp must be lit outside the house.

Friends, keep the main door of your house clean, do not keep garbage outside the house or do not throw garbage at the door of someone else’s house, because the waste generates negative energy, so always keep the garbage in a dustbin and that Always cover and keep the dust bin.
Do not scatter shoes on the main door, use a closed shoe rack.

# If you are feeling more negative energy in your house then sprinkle Ganga water on the main door of the house for 21 days.

# At the main gate of the house, make a sign of on the door, is the first sound of this verse which is the origin of positive energy, the sign of is found before every mantra, that is, it is a very powerful sign, on its auspicious day, the main Make it at the door, and pray to this sign that the negative energy should not enter the house, and absorb the negative energy of the house, remember if there is a window near your main door, then do the same process there.

# keep the house clean

2. indoor remedies

# Inside the house – do regular worship in the house where you live, must light a lamp at the place of worship inside the house, the lamp removes the darkness, meaning eliminates negative energy, if there is more negative energy in the house, then the house In every direction, show lamps and sprinkle Ganga water.

# burn camphor

# Use rock salt or standing salt, keep it near the main door inside the house, or keep it in the place where you feel negative energy, change it every week, and drain the old salt. Wipe with this salt every Saturday. Take a bath with some rock salt, once a week, in water

# Symbols – There are some symbols in our texts, which we use to purify the house, so these signs must be made regularly at the place of worship and at the main door, such as Om, Swastik, and Shri, you can make them at the main door and the house. Make sure to keep making it regularly on the inside, so that their effect remains.

3. Use gems and stones to remove negative energy

Gemstones and stones – Friends, there are some such gems and stones which are used to remove negative energy, Black Tourmaline is a stone that absorbs negative energy, you can use this stone to eliminate negative energy in the house Apart from this, white quartz and pink quartz can also be used, ask any person who has knowledge of them.

4. Chanting of mantra

Chanting of Mantra – Do meditation while chanting the mantra regularly, so that your negative energy around you and yourself will slowly start dissipating, or you can only chant Om, chant it in the north-east direction at home. , and do it by taking out the sound so that the sound of mantra or Om resonates in the whole house.

5. Temple or spiritual place

# Temple or Spiritual Place – Visit the temple or spiritual place once a week and sit there to meditate or chant the mantra, which will eliminate the negative energy inside you, and when you come home, the positive energy of the temple will also accompany you. Will come and purify your house.

# Tuesday and Saturday visit Hanuman temple

# Go to the Hanuman temple and wear the anointed amulet around the neck.

6. Horseshoe

Use a horseshoe, on an auspicious day, after purifying and energizing the horseshoe, place it on the main door, keeping in mind that both the faces of the horseshoe are upwards.

7. Use of colors

Indoors, use light colors, such as white, pink, light blue, light green, and golden. Use light-colored curtains.
Do not wear dark-colored clothes, wear them with light colors or mixed colors. Friends, black color increases negativity, so use it sparingly.

8. Plant plants

Plant basil, banana, money plant, and beautiful flowers at home and offer these flowers to God, so that positive energy is created in them and which spreads in your house.

9. Always stay away from negative people

Always stay away from negative thinking people, don’t let them and their negative thoughts enter the house, if you can’t do this, then someone’s negative thoughts should not affect you. Because this negative energy will not dominate you and will not spread in your house.

# Stay away from negative addictions like alcohol, cigarettes, moss, gambling etc. all these attract negative energy.

# Do good deeds, always think good, this will also make your life better.

10. balance your body’s chakras

Cleanse the blocked energy of your seven chakras. Due to this your aura and energy will be positive.
Stay in the company of positive people. Because a positive person’s aura is positive and from which you will get the right direction from them like a spiritual teacher.

Other measures

According to Numerology or Numerology, if your house number is not lucky for you, then you can also get into trouble due to this reason.

# At home, get Sundarkand recited, and yourself a spiritual book according to your religion. For example, recite Ramayana, Shiv Puran, etc. in Hindi. Because with this good things will go in your mind.

# Read Hanuman Chalisa or Hanuman Banaka daily.

# A sick person should chant or listen to mantras, which will reduce the effect of negative energy.

# Peacock feathers in the house

# Show your horoscope to a good astrologer, so that he can tell you the position of the planets, sometimes due to the bad position of your planets, the effect of negative energy starts increasing. So do the remedy by showing the horoscope.

# Light an unbroken jot in the house for 21 days.

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